What is Carpet Buckle and How Can I Fix It?

CCS 7 15 15 canvaThe following may have happened to you or someone you know!  You anticipate the BIG day!  The day you scheduled to get your carpets cleaned.  You wait in anticipation because you know the end result will be a pristine, fresh smelling, clean floor you can proudly wiggle your toes in!  After the carpet cleaning service leaves, you notice something a little off.  A bump or ripple appears in your carpeting.  After closer inspection, you realize your carpeting is buckling!

HOW and WHY Does this Happen?

When carpeting ages and experiences wear and tear (especially in high traffic areas) the padding under the carpet begins to fall apart and disintegrate.  When the padding begins to fall apart, the carpeting begins to stretch in the area where the padding was present.  Now add cleaning solutions, water and the movement of the carpet cleaning machine to the situation.  The carpet begins to stretch even more. 

HOW Do I Fix It?

CCS 8 5 15There are a couple of remedies and precautions you can take to fix or avoid buckling after cleaning.

  • Prevent this from happening by opting for a low-moisture method of cleaning like encapsulation cleaning technology offered by Complete Care Systems.
  • Letting the carpet complete dry will allow for the carpet to shrink. 
  • Make sure the carpet is completely dry before you allow anyone to walk on it
  • If the carpet is still showing a buckle or the buckle begins to grow, it may be time to have your carpet stretched and re-installed to compensate for the buckle.

If you have questions about the best cleaning method for your carpeting, give us a call!  We would love to help you make your carpets look amazing and extend their life.  We also offer FREE estimates.  Call us today:  727-364-5158