Surprising Health Benefits You Will Experience When You Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Everyone knows how a professional deep carpet cleaning will instantly improve the appearance of your carpeting, fight against wear and tear, and extend its life. But what people don’t realize is just how many health benefits accompany a deep cleaning. 

When you get your carpeting deep cleaned, you and your family will experience benefits like: 

The Removal of Trapped Pollutants and Toxins!

The Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study that found that dirty carpets can hold onto many sources of cockroach allergens, particle pollution, gas, dander, and dust! All of which can be toxic and be released into the air through simple everyday activity like walking on the carpet or vacuuming it. A deep cleaning done by a professional carpet cleaning company can eliminate these toxins.

Mold Prevention.

Mold, a common allergen, can cause havoc in your home if you’re not careful—especially in Florida. If moisture or spills are not immediately and thoroughly dried, mold growth will occur, especially if the moisture becomes trapped in dirt and other debris lodged in your carpeting. A professional carpet cleaning can eradicate and reduce instances of asthma and other respiratory issues.

Dust Mite Eradication.

Many households unknowingly have a dust mite problem. Unfortunately, they can negatively impact the health of you and your family! They can leave behind feces that can cause persistent sneezing, cough, congestion, facial pressure, eczema flare-ups or even a severe asthma attack. Professional carpet cleaning can help remove these microscopic pests from your carpeting and your home!

Organic Waste Removal.

You probably haven’t given much thought about what organic waste lies in the fibers of your carpeting. You would be amazed to know that skin cells, pet waste, vomit, blood, and urine can all be hiding in your carpeting.

Pet Hair and Dander Elimination.

If you have four-legged fur babies in your home, you definitely have pet hair and dander trapped in the fibers of your carpeting. A professional carpet cleaning can help to eliminate fur and dander which will reduce allergy symptoms and reduce pet odor!

If your aim is to have a healthier home this year, start with a deep clean of your carpeting. Not only will it help you and your family breathe easier but it will help to reduce illness by removing bacteria and viruses that are trapped in the fibers of your carpets. To get your carpeting in tip-top shape, book an appointment by calling: (727)364-5158.