Don’t Let Your Floors, Upholstery, and Tile “Fool” You!

Don’t let your floors, upholstery, and tile “fool” you!  In this month’s blog post, we share 4 surprising stains or cleanup jobs we can do that you probably thought were impossible to conquer.

Let’s dive in!


Grease can leave behind a residue that makes tile appear shiny when in fact, it shouldn’t be.  No matter how hard you scrub and the types of cleaners you use, you just can’t seem to get rid of all the grease.  We can help! Our technicians and the products we use are able to break through the barrier that grease puts up. The result? A cleaner, like-new result!

Wax Build-Up

Wax build-up on wood floors is common. It is usually caused by cleaning with products that contain wax like mop and glo  We can help by stripping away the wax and build up leaving behind floors that look younger and have the luster that you originally fell in love with!

Fur-Baby Drool

Dogs drooling on furniture. This happens more than you know. Dogs like to rub their faces on furniture.  While we love our pet’s sweet faces, the drool that’s left behind is cringe-worthy at best. Let our technicians go to work by extracting drool, odors, and stains leaving behind fresher and cleaner furniture.

Embedded Pet Hair

Pet hair gets embedded in carpets and regular vacuuming doesn’t get it all out.  Our method utilizes a rotating brush system before we steam clean to get all the pet and human hair, dirt, and allergens out of carpets.  You will be amazed at what we can pull out of even the tightest woven carpeting like berber.

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