5 Things About Your Carpet That May Surprise You

Your carpet feels good under your feet and it can be super-comfy to sprawl out on.  But, your carpet also holds some surprises!  Keep reading to learn 5 things about your carpet that may surprise you!

Let’s Dive In!


Do you find yourself sneezing more than you would like?  Perhaps your eyes are itchy and dry.  If it feels like allergies, you just might be right!  Your carpet could be harboring dust, allergens, mold, mildew, and other irritants.  If you would like to sneeze a little less and soothe your eyes, consider getting your carpeting deep cleaned.  After all, your carpet is the biggest filter in your home!

So How Much Dirt Is REALLY In Your Carpet?

You vacuum on the regular which makes you believe your carpeting is really clean right?  Well, the answer may surprise you!  Did you know that your carpet can hold 4 TIMES its weight in dirt?  Even though it looks like you are vacuuming up a lot of debris, the fact is, there are lots of particles hidden in the fibers of your carpeting – particles that can’t be reached by household vacuums.  

75% of People Walk On Carpeting With Dirty Shoes On!

It may seem natural and harmless to walk around your home with shoes on but the fact is, by doing this, you are tracking dirt, debris, germs, mold, allergens, bacteria, you name it into your home!  The single act of kicking your shoes off at the front door can lower the chances of you and your family tracking dirt, germs, and grime into your home.

Carpeting May Hold Up To 200,000 Bacteria Per Square Inch

If the last fact didn’t get you thinking about taking your shoes off before you come in the house, this one will!  Did you know that the above statistic 4,000 times MORE bacteria than your toilet?!?  Please…take your shoes off before walking into your home. 

Carpet is One of the Most High-risk Areas for Mold Growth

Mold is no joke!  Many people get really sick from it and in many cases, it is difficult to detect until it’s too late.  Why risk it?  Get your carpeting deep cleaned on a regular basis to prevent mold growth. 

There is a lot lurking in your carpeting.  Don’t fall victim to it!  A deep cleaning every 6-12 months can create a healthier home and keep your carpeting lasting longer.  Schedule your appointment today!  Call 727-364-5158