5 Carpet Stains You May Notice After The Holidays Are Over And Guests Are Gone

Now that the gifts are open, the celebrations are over, and holiday guests have gone home, it’s time to inspect for unintended carpet accidents, stains, and spills. There are 5 common carpet (and upholstery) stains you may uncover. Keep reading to discover what to look for and how to treat them.

Food and Drink. 

Food and drink spills are bound to happen, especially when you are entertaining. The best case scenario is to treat the spill immediately by blotting (not rubbing) it up. If the spill is old you may try a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda. Test an inconspicuous area to ensure damage will not be done to your carpeting. If the stain does not come up, it is a sign to call in the professionals.

Pet Accidents

It happens. Especially during the holidays and when things get busy. Everything from not going for a walk soon enough to overindulging in human food causing upset stomachs can be the perfect conditions for pet accidents. When you discover them, it’s important to do your best to blot up the stains as soon as possible. If the accident has been sitting for a while, it’s best to contact professional carpet cleaners. 

Grease and Oil

Grease and oils can come from many sources—food, body oils, and mechanical oils can find their way into your carpeting. This type of stain is more difficult to remove than most. Leave the cleaning to the professionals. Household cleaners may do more home than good. 

Dirt Build Up

During the holidays you may have missed a few days of vacuuming here and there. During that time dirt and debris may have been embedded into your carpeting. Household vacuums don’t have the strength to remove dirt deep down in the pile of the carpeting.  Leaving embedded debris in your carpeting can cause carpet fibers to break down, aging your carpeting prematurely.

Illness/Upset Stomach 

While this is not the most pleasant thought, carpet accidents like this do happen to both pets and humans. As with any spill, it’s very important to clean up the mess as quickly as possible without rubbing the area. Using water and a white towel blot the area to soak up as much as possible. 

Each of the stains mentioned is tricky to treat. Your best course of action is to bring in a professional carpet cleaner who has the cleaning solutions, equipment, and knowledge to make your carpeting and upholstery look their very best. Contact us today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment (727)364-5158.