5 Areas of Your Home That Need Spring Cleaning Attention Right Now

Spring is right around the corner!  If you’re like most, you are ready to do a deep clean to bring the freshness of spring into your home.  Keep reading to learn 5 areas of your home that need spring cleaning attention right now!


This is the area in your home that probably needs the most attention.  If you think your home has a stale odor, chances are it’s your carpet speaking to you – begging for a bath.

What’s Hiding:  There are LOTS of things trapped in your carpets that can be contributing to that not-so-fresh scent in your home.  When you have your carpets professionally deep cleaned, you remove dirt, debris, allergens, pet dander, odor, dust mites, and in some cases, mold, and mildew too!


Household cleaners and tools can only go so deep.  Even though tile and grout are easy to maintain there are some things you may be missing.

What’s Hiding: Grout is porous which means soap scum, mold, and mildew can settle in and begin to grow. No matter how hard you scrub and regardless of the cleaners you use, it seems like there is nothing you can do to make it clean. 


Similar to your carpeting, the upholstery and draperies can trap lots of dirt, debris, grime, germs, and more causing your home to have an odor and not feel clean.

What’s Hiding:  The upholstery and draperies in your home act as an air filter trapping things like pet dander, dust, allergens, fleas, their eggs, and so much more!


This is one area many do not think to clean often and they should!  Keep reading to find out why.

What’s Hiding:  Lint and dust are the major culprits found in dryer vents. Failure to clean them out may result in lint clogs, which will keep your dryer from functioning properly. As a result, the dryer will not only take longer to dry clothes, it will also increase your electric bill and create a fire risk.


Similar to the bathroom, the tile found in your kitchen can be notoriously difficult to clean.  As a result, it can look tired and dull making your kitchen look old and dirty.

What’s Hiding:  Food stains and grease splatters can be difficult to clean, especially when they settle into porous grout and tile.  With stains and grease splatters come odors. A professional deep-clean can power out stains and grease leaving your kitchen sparkling and odor-free!

Final thoughts…

As we enter the spring season, allergies will be on the rise.  Help your family breathe easier and lessen their allergy reaction by keeping your home’s biggest filter (your carpeting, upholstery, and drapes) clean.  Call (727) 364-5158 to schedule a spring deep-clean today!