Are These 3 Rooms Holiday Ready in YOUR Home?

Before you know it, the holidays will be here and you will have guests, company, and events hosted at your home.  To make sure your home is holiday ready, we have prepared a checklist for the 3 MOST important rooms in your home:


Nothing says “The Holidays” like a cozy kitchen!  Here’s what we think makes a kitchen top notch during the holidays:

  • Fresh and clean refrigerator – clean out old food and wash drawers and shelves
  • Sparkling backsplash – it is time to power out grease, stains, and splashes
  • Clean the oven before holiday baking to get the best aroma of baking cookies and pies!
  • Bright and clean kitchen floor tile.  Nothing welcomes guests more than clean floors


Everyone loves a clean bathroom, especially guests.  Here are some areas in the bathroom that may need a little extra attention:

  • Tile and grout can become dingy and hard to clean, especially in tight areas like behind the toilet.  We offer a powerful cleaning process to help you get the best results!
  • Power out any mold and mildew that may be growing
  • Consider leaving out disposable festive towelettes for your guests to use
  • Holiday scented candles or wax burners are a warm and welcoming touch to add to any bathroom
  • Launder and throw rugs or bathmats just before company arrives
  • Clean in and around toilets to keep germs and odors at bay

Guest Bedrooms:

Make any overnight guests feel welcomed and comfortable with these tips:

  • Guests will breathe easier and sleep better if mattresses are deep cleaned.  We can help you get your mattresses feeling and smelling fresh and clean
  • Launder pillows and house them in special dust protectant pillowcases
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned, deodorized, and stains tended to.  Not only will this make the room smell fresh and clean but it will also help filter the air your guests breathe.

Bonus Tip:

Clean and fresh carpets always make your home, looks, smell and feel cleaner.