Ultimate Fighter: Pests

Hello everyone and welcome to the last installment of Ultimate Fighter! This week we will be discussion our very favorite thing, pests.


Ants are a big problem in some homes, especially during the spring time. A quick and easy ant repellent is to mix equal parts water and white vinegar, shake, and spray in water-resistant areas. You can also spray it on your patio and around your pool to keep the ants away.


Gnats are also tough, but more tough on our skin than on anything else. To keep gnats off of you combine:

-1/3 cup imitation vanilla

-1/3 cup regular Listerine mouthwash

-1/3 cup water

Put them in a spray bottle, shake, and spray on your body. This will keep the gnats away, especially when your kids want to go and play games at night.


The worst of the pests that we encounter in life are mosquitoes. My husband and daughter get bit up more than anyone I know and they suffer for days from itching and scratching. Because of their problem I found an awesome recipe. Combine:

-8oz boiled water. Make sure to cool it first

-Add witch hazel to fill almost to the top

-1/2 tsp of vegetable glycerin

-30 to 50 drops of essential oils. You can choose one or mix some to get a stronger scent.


Pests like ants, gnats, and mosquitoes cause our lives to not be as happy and healthy as we would like them to be. Always remember the essential things to do on a regular basis to keep these pests away:

1. Keep outside lights off unless you are using them. Mosquitoes and gnats are attracted to them and they stay even after you shut the lights.

2. Keep all sweets off of your counters and closed up in a cabinet. Ants love sweets and will migrate towards them.

3. Keep all food from the outside. Mosquitoes and gnats are attracted to the scent of food.


Here at Complete Care Systems we want to keep your family healthy and happy in all aspects of life. 



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