Top Reasons Why You Must Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

We don’t think about it much and we probably take our dryers for granted.  They are a wonderful tool!  Throw wet clothes in…pull dry, cozy clothes out.  If you’re like many, you may even forget to clean the lint trap after each use.  Imagine what your dryer vent looks like!  When was the last time you had your dryer vents cleaned…have you ever?  You may want to after you read our top reasons why you must get your dryer vents cleaned.

Let’s Dive In!

Fast Facts:

  • 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause $35million in property loss.
  • Failure to clean the dryer is the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires.
  • More home clothes dryer fires occur in the fall and winter months.

But that’s not all.  The above were the important reasons we felt we needed to share with you to help keep you and your family safe.  Keep reading to learn the other benefits of getting your dryer vents cleaned.


Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you dry your clothes, they come out perfectly dry and other times they are a little damp and you need to keep putting them in for more time?  This could be a sign that your vents may be clogged.  When your vents are cleared out, you will notice your clothes will dry more quickly.


When dryer vents are clogged, the dryer tends to work harder to produce more heat.  The hotter the clothes, the quicker the fabric breaks down which means your clothing begins to look worn and tattered faster.


Yep!  Those pesky allergens can hide in clogged air vents which can make anyone in your family who suffers from allergies more reactive.  Get your vents cleaned and begin to breathe easier.

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