Top Reasons to Love Your Tile, Carpet, Upholstery and Draperies

It’s February and now is the time people talk about falling in love.  Could it be possible to fall in love with your flooring and furniture again?  We think so! Here are the top reasons to love your tile, carpet, upholstery, and draperies.


We think tile is awesome!  Our top reasons for loving tile are:

  • Tile keeps homes cooler during the hot Florida summers
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • Tiles are perfect for wet areas like pool bathrooms, bathrooms in general, and kitchens
  • You can easily recolor grout for a quick and easy way to update a room! 


Carpeting serves so many functions other than making a room look finished.  Some of the benefits of having carpeting installed in your home include:

  • It acts like a huge air filter for your home trapping things like dust, allergens, and pet dander
  • Carpeting reduces and absorbs noise, making your home a peaceful oasis
  • Carpeting can be fairly durable and have a pretty long lifespan


Here are some of our top reasons for loving your upholstery:

  • It’s super comfortable and what makes your house a home
  • It adds impact and design to a room
  • It acts like an air filter for your home trapping things like dust, allergens, and pet dander


Draperies are an important aspect of your home!  Not only do they provide privacy but they also:

  • Add an element of design and flair to any room
  • Absorb noise
  • Act as an air filter for your home

Sometimes your flooring, upholstery, and draperies can get easily get dirty, especially if you have an active household.  A professional deep-clean can help refresh, rejuvenate, and eradicate things like mold, mildew, odors, stains, pet dander, dust mites, and allergens.  If it’s been awhile since your last deep clean, give us a call to book an appointment. We can be reached at: (727) 364-5158.