Tips and Tricks: Six Questions

When having anything done in your home you should feel comfortable, especially if you have children. That is why Complete Care Systems has come up with a list of six important questions you should ask before any carpet cleaner comes to your home.

1 Are they licensed and insured? Let’s face it, anybody can buy a carpet cleaning machine and say they clean carpets for a living. Before you get your carpets cleaned make sure you ask them about their license and insurance. You can also request a copy for when they come to your house. Any good company wouldn’t bat an eye at the request.

2 Are they back ground checked? To work for a company, especially a small business, employees do not have to be background checked. A good resource to check for background checks would be Angies List or Ask The Seal. They will show you the current background check for each employee. Make sure to ask which employee will be coming to your house.

3 Do they offer free estimates? Any good and confident company wouldn’t charge anything to come and take a look and answer any questions you may have.

4 Are their prices fixed? At Complete Care Systems we pride ourselves in doing the best job with no upselling. What we tell you is your price!

5 Do they offer a full money back guarantee? Any confident company will offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Some companies may even go above that and come fix the problem for you.

6 Do they use the most powerful cleaning system available? Ask the technician or the person who answers your call any questions regarding their system. You will know if theirs is the best based off of their answer.

Make sure you keep these six questions in mind when hiring your next cleaning service. To have all of these questions and more answered call Complete Care Systems at 727.354.5158 and visit our website at