Tips and Tricks: Nail Polish

Bam! Your nail polish falls onto your beautiful carpets while giving yourself a bright color for the holiday season. What do you do? You don’t have time to watch youtube videos or search the web. You need some quick tips and tricks to get nail polish out of your carpets and that is where we come in!

1. Act quickly! The longer you wait, the worse the stain will be.

2. Blot the spot. Do not rub. Rubbing the stain will actually push the color into the carpet. Instead, blot from the outside and work your way towards the center of the stain.

3. Remove as much of the excess as you can. Before grabbing for cleaner make sure you get up as much of the nail polish as you can using the blotting technique.

4. Do a test patch. You always want to pick the most inconspicuous spot on the carpet and test which cleaner not only works better, but will not make your carpets worse. This is especially important for dark colored carpets because some cleaners will remove the carpet dye.

5. Remove the stain. For light colored carpets we recommend using a non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone will actually hurt your carpets. For dark carpets we recommend hair spray or rubbing alcohol. In either case, make sure to put the solution onto a rag and blot the spot until it comes out. If none of these products work you could also try using a window cleaner, such as Windex.

6. Rinse. This is the most important. Once you are done cleaning the spot make sure to pour some water and blot again with a clean rag.

If nothing has worked and the stain is still there make sure to call a professional carpet cleaner. Let them know what you have used and they will be able to help you out. If you live in the Tampa Bay Area makes sure to call Complete Care Systems and 727.364.5158 or visit our website at