Tips and Tricks: Carpet Fibers

As home owners we always want to find the things to make our house look good, but are always easy to clean. This includes our carpets. We are constantly asked by friends and neighbors during home renovations what the easiest ones to clean are. This opened up a great door to write a blog for everyone to see the top four types of carpet that we recommend for easy cleaning.

1. Polyester Carpets. These carpets are the best because they are able to hold bright, dramatic colors over long periods of time. They are non-allergenic and the material is made from recycles plastic bottles. This allows them to be eco-friendly as well as efficient for cleaning purposes. The only downside to them being made from recycled plastic is that the fibers can be flatted over time from a lot of weight. This makes it bad for high traffic areas.

2. Polypropylene Carpets. Polypropylene is extremely durable and very soft. It is resistant to stains, mildew, and shedding. Because the fibers are so resilient, they allow the carpets to be easily cleaned by any home owner.

3. Wool Carpets. The softest carpet fiber you can find, it is natural, luxurious, and long lasting. The downfall is that the low grade wool is more susceptible to stains while the high grade wool is very very expensive. Most manufacturers will combine wool with synthetic fibers so you can get the softness of the wool with the easy cleaning fibers that you want.

4. Cut Carpet Piles. This method of carpet piles tends to look very nice and is very easy to clean; probably more easy than any of the above. The only downfall is that the ridged nature make it easier to see foot marks and vacuum marks. It is also easier to see wear and tear so home owners usually have to replace this type of carpeting more often.

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