Tip and Tricks: Knee Pain

With the cruddy weather beginning my daughter is constantly complaining about her knee pain. It turns out that wearing her brace isn’t enough for her anymore so I decided to research and share with you what I have come up with as the top ways to keep your knees happy and healthy.

1 – Maintain a healthy weight. Your knees carry your entire body weight. Depending on your height, your weight could influence the amount of stress on your knees. If you are overweight, losing 5% of your body fat could significantly reduce the amount of stress on your knees.

2 – Find low impact exercises. Squats and excess cardio will not strengthen your knees like you think. Start slow. Water aerobics are a good place to begin. Just make sure you are stretching before any exercises and cooling down after.

3 – Proper sleep is very important. Although knee pain could keep you up at night, your body needs the R and R. Also consider meditation during the day to keep your stress levels low.

4 – Interchange hot and cold compresses on your knees. It can help relieve swelling and stiffness. My daughter does 10 minutes of cold and 10 minutes of hot 3 times a day and it helps reduce the swelling. This may not work for you so try different amounts of time.

As always, consult with your doctor for severe conditions. When it comes to our family, friends, and clients Complete Care Systems wants everyone to stay happy and healthy.



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