Tile and Grout Cleaning Trinity

Well taken care of homes are a treasure and caring for them can extend their life indefinitely. If you are searching for tile and grout cleaning Trinity, there is a good chance your home is over ten years old and has tile in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. It was popular for mid-century homes through ones built in the 1980’s to have intricate tile patterns on the walls, bathroom floors, and even in the shower. Over time, the grout between these tiles can become fragile from using harsh cleaners repeatedly month in and month out. Complete Care Systems knows how fragile aging grout can be, and how to clean it without further damage. If grout becomes too damaged it can result in tiles falling off the walls or becoming loose on floors and countertops.

Conversely if tile has not been sufficiently cleaned over a long period of time the grout can become yellowed from years of buildup and oxidation, or just plain dulled from dirt and oil build up. Normal household cleaners are not going to fix the problem. You need an expert who knows how to remove the oxidized buildup without damaging the grout.  Complete Care Systems can restore that sparkling white look to grout, even if it’s dulled over.

Another problem that can happen quickly regardless of whether the home is old or new is mold. Mold can build up quickly, and if not dealt with, can get into the pores of grout and even work its way behind tile. Proper care must be taken in cleaning mold off of grout and tile to ensure that it is completely removed. Black mold is toxic and can make people with allergies and breathing problems like asthma very sick. If you attempt to clean built up mold from grout and tile you probably haven’t gotten it all. Let us remove the mold for you and ensure there is no mold left.

Why are we better than normal household cleaners? Complete Care Systems uses a specialized cleaning process solution along with a powerful vacuum brings the built up dirt and oil in your tile and grout to the surface, then we use a high pressure rinse to blast all the buildup away so that your tile is bright and clean, even if it is several decades old.  Once we have completed cleaning your tile and grout we will apply a sealer that will ensure that no mildew or staining will build up for a period of two years.

If you want to give an old bathroom or kitchen new life, call 727-364-5158 or fill out our free online contact form. We will contact you and set up an appointment to make sure your tile and grout are clean and look their best.