The Hidden Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Is dryer vent cleaning really necessary? We think so! Keep reading to learn why and discover the hidden benefits of dryer vent cleaning you may be missing out on.

Cost Savings

Clogged dryer vents make your appliance work harder. The harder your dryer works, the more energy you are using which can quickly increase your power bill!

Appliance Lifespan

Dryer vent cleaning lengthens the life of your dryer. When lint or other obstructions become lodged in your vent, it causes unnecessary wear and tear on your appliance. As a result, parts fail and the lifespan of your dryer is shortened. If you want your dryer to last as long as possible, cleaning your dryer vent on a regular basis will help.

Improved Performance

Cleaning your dryer ventilation system will shorten the amount of time it takes to dry your laundry (and help to lower your energy bill!). A clogged system requires extra time to dry your clothing which traps damp, heated air within your dryer drum. This has a detrimental impact on your appliance, your clothes, and the longevity of both.

Reduced Risk of Dryer Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments around the United States react to household fires caused by dryers every year. The primary reason for dryer fires? Lint accumulation. Cleaning your dryer vents once a year will dramatically lessen the likelihood of a dryer fire in your home.

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