Summer, Moisture, and Mold What to Look For and What to Do About It

The kids are out of school, the weather is hot and steamy…it’s officially summertime!  Summertime may be full of slower schedules and days by the pool or trips to the beach but, it can mean something entirely different for your home.  Read on as we explore summer, moisture, and mold – what to look for and what to do about it.

Let’s Dive In…

Understanding the Difference Between Mold and Mildew

Understanding what to look for makes a big difference when dealing with mold and mildew.  Mildew is usually white, gray or yellow in color and grows on the surface of moist, warm areas. It can also have a fluffy or powdery texture. Mold is green or black in color.  It usually grows underneath the surface of anything that has gotten wet. When mold is seen on the surface of something, it usually indicates a deeper, more severe case of mold.

The Perfect Scenario For Mold Growth

With increased heat and humidity our carpets, upholstery, draperies, and tile starts to take a beating.  All mold needs to start to grow is the perfect breeding ground. That breeding ground includes moisture, dust, oxygen and a surface to grow on. That means every surface of your home could promote mold growth.

The Dangers of Mold

When mold is not taken care of or cleaned up, we can suffer from many types of disease and ailments.  Some of those are:

  • Triggers or exacerbates allergies
  • Development of cough
  • Lung infections
  • Development of asthma
  • Leads to respiratory illness
  • And more!

Preventative Tips

Now that you are aware of how harmful mold can be to your health, we need to do everything possible to remove it from our home environment.  Below is a list of preventative tips you can use to keep your family safe and healthy, and mold out of your home:

  • Reduce the humidity in your home (optimal range is 30% to 60% humidity) by utilizing dehumidifiers
  • Repair leaks and prevent standing water
  • Deep clean carpet and upholstery using a low-moisture deep cleaning technology (we offer this as a cleaning option)
  • Vacuum and dust to remove spores before they settle in and begin growing
  • Pay attention to tile and grout – grout is extremely hard to clean using standard household cleaners.  Complete Care Systems offers a deep grout cleaning service to help you eradicate mold from your tiled areas

Final Thoughts

The carpeting, upholstery, mattresses, and draperies in your home are some of your biggest air filters.  Make sure they are kept clean so that you and your family are breathing the cleanest air possible. When these areas of your home are clean, you will notice how much better you and your family feel.  Allergies, coughs, and breathing issues tend to lessen quickly when the air you breathe is cleaner.

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