Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

There is something so satisfying about a good spring cleaning!  We can’t decide what we like most about the process.  The clearing away of clutter, getting rid of dirt and grime or freshening up the air.  If you’re motivated to get your home in tip-top shape this spring, don’t miss our spring cleaning checklist for your home posted below!

Spring Cleaning Tip #1 – Make A List:

Take the time to jot down all the things you want to tackle during your spring cleaning and then map out a plan to get it done.  Don’t forget to include those who will help you hit your spring cleaning goals like window washers, yard clean-up, and of course someone who can fulfill your carpet, tile, grout, and upholstery cleaning needs. 

Spring Cleaning Tip #2 – Declutter

Grab three moving boxes or plastic bins – whatever you have available and label them:

1> Put Away

2> Donate

3> Trash

Go through every room in your home and begin to declutter by identifying objects that don’t belong in the room and dropping them in one of the three boxes identified above.

Spring Cleaning Tip #3 – Deep Clean The Areas Of Your Home Most Likely To Be Forgotten

As you go through the spring cleaning process make sure you pay special attention to these areas as they are notorious for trapping dirt, grime, debris, germs, and odors:

> Hinges around toilet seats

> Gaps between kitchen counters/appliances and the wall

> Under beds and other furniture

> Baseboards

> Outside windows

> Outdoor furniture

> Mattresses

Spring Cleaning Tip #4 – Bring In The Professionals! 

Household cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions can only go so far.  To get your home really clean and reduce springtime allergens arrange to have your carpets, tile, grout, and upholstery deep cleaned.  By doing this you will:

> Eliminate odors (including pet) embedded in upholstery and carpets

> Clear out allergens trapped in the fibers of your carpet and upholstery and minimize allergy symptoms

> Remove mold and mildew trapped both in carpets and tile and grout

> Treat stains

If you are ready to give your home a fresh start this spring, we can help!  Give us a call to book your carpet, tile, grout, and upholstery cleaning:   (727) 364-5158