Secrets To Maintaining Sparkling Tile and Grout

Nothing makes a room look fresher than clean, sparkling tile and grout!  To keep it looking fresh, your first line of defense is a deep clean.  After the deep clean it’s important to know how to keep it looking its best!  Keep reading because we will share with you our top secrets for maintaining sparkling tile and grout!

Vacuum and Dust

Remove dust and grime with a vacuum or a fluffy dust mop on a regular basis to prevent it from becoming lodged in your tile and grout. This is the simplest and quickest approach to keep your flooring in good shape. However, never use a straw broom to clean your tiles since it will damage them.

Push the Mop

Once a week, mop your floor with warm water. You may also use a light soap to improve the color, brightness, and gloss of your tile and to avoid debris from settling into the grout. To avoid harming your tiles, verify with the manufacturer before using any cleaners.

To minimize mishaps and prevent new dirt from settling into the wet area, dry your floor immediately after damp mopping.

Address Spills As Soon As They Happen

To prevent dirt accumulation and slippage, clean up spills right away using absorbent towels. It will also lessen the likelihood of stains forming on your tile.

For messier spills, use a cleaner or disinfectant. To avoid bacteria from settling into your tile and grout, wipe raw meat and egg spills more thoroughly. It’s a good idea to rinse the area with water because the chemicals could dull the tiles.

Use Doormats and Area Rugs

Place doormats on both sides of your home’s entryways. During severe weather, this will prevent dirt or water from being tracked in and it will minimize debris from settling into porous grout. If your bathroom has tiled floors, use a bath mat to keep the tiles and grout dry.  This will help protect against the build-up of mold and mildew.

Area rugs or runners should be placed in high-traffic areas. This will help to minimize dulling, scratches, and grime build-up in areas like the foyer and family room.

If your tile and grout are still looking dull even after you have tried to get them as clean as possible, contact us for a deep clean at:  (727) 364-5158