New Port Richey Carpet Cleaning

Living in Florida, we are no strangers to inclement weather. From tropical storms to hurricanes, we’ve been through it all. Dangerous winds and torrential downpours can cause an awful mess outside, but it’s really not fun when all of that mud, dirt, and water make their way inside the house and mess up your carpet. If you are looking for a New Port Richey carpet cleaning service, then Complete Care Systems can provide you with professional cleaning services that make your carpet look brand spanking new!

How to protect your carpet

Between guests, pets, and children, mud and dirt will eventually make their way into your house. Fortunately, you can help limit this as much as possible by implementing a few important things.

Make sure you vacuum your carpets regularly. Depending on the amount of foot traffic in your house, you should at least be vacuuming your carpets twice a week.

Your entry way is likely to take the hardest hit from family and friends coming directly in from the outside and tracking water and mud throughout the house. By placing large, water-absorbent mats near the entry ways, you can help absorb a lot of water and mud before it gets tracked throughout the house. Be sure to check absorbent mats regularly as they have the potential to hold a lot of water. You definitely don’t want to redistribute the water underneath the rug and cause water damage to your carpet!

Also, if you designate a space for visitors to remove their shoes at the door, you will be doing your carpets a huge favor. Not everyone knows to take off their shoes when coming into someone else’s house, but there are ways to make it obvious like, placing a basket or shoe rack by the door. If they don’t get the hint, you could always just politely ask them to remove their shoes.

Hire a professional to clean your carpet

All of these tips aside, it is important to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Having your carpet professionally cleaned will make your carpet look like it was just freshly installed.

Over time, dirt and dust build up in the carpet fibers, which causes the fibers to become matted. When this happens, your carpet will start to look old and worn, not to mention, it will feel rough and flat, regardless of how much padding is underneath.

Carpet is notorious for harboring bacteria and allergens, which can actually pose as a health risk to you and your family. These harmful particles can lead to or increase breathing problems, such as asthma and allergies. Professional cleaning gets deep into the fibers, which removes dirt and bacteria, ultimately making the carpet look better and feel softer for a longer amount of time.

Carpet is an investment, and it is important to take care of it just as you would any other investment by properly caring for it. If you need New Port Richey Carpet Cleaning, call Complete Care Systems at (727) 753-9609 to get your FREE quote!