Land O Lakes Carpet Cleaning

If you are searching for a Land O Lakes carpet cleaning company, the following info is something to take into consideration when you are making a decision on who to trust with the care of your carpeting investment. All carpet cleaning companies are not created equal, and how thorough the process is definitely affects the pricing. The following info covers just one aspect of carpet cleaning. There are likely other reasons such as stains, protection, move-in, move-out, etc that are factoring into your decision, but we wanted to highlight one often overlooked one in this article that hopefully helps you better make a decision on who you want to handle your carpet care.

Some things make your skin crawl when you hear about them, pests that live, thrive, and lay eggs in carpet are one of those things. Complete Care Systems understands just how these pests get into carpet, and how to get them out. In the Land O’ Lakes area, many of those pests can easily be tracked in, brought on luggage, or just crawl right under the front door. One such uninvited visitor is the carpet beetle. The carpet beetle is found around the country, but it fairs much better in Florida because of our year-round warm and humid climate. These delightful little creatures are most active in the autumn and spring, they will lay their eggs in your carpet at those times of year. Months after the eggs have hatched the larva will snack on your carpet, causing areas to thin out and disappear. If your carpet is left unattended carpet beetle larva can do severe damage to the point where your carpet has to be replaced, even if it is brand new.

Another growing problem in the Land O’ Lakes area are bed bugs, they need no introduction. Yes, bed bugs like to get into your bed, but like their cousins, the carpet beetle, they love your carpet as well. These disgusting little creatures like to bite you while you sleep and an infestation can happen in no time. If you have your house sprayed by a pest control expert that is often not enough. The bed bug is a stubborn and clever little fellow who will burrow to the bottom of your carpet to avoid insecticides. Your carpets must also be deep cleaned with professional equipment to ensure all of the bed bugs and their eggs have been scrubbed clean. If you don’t attend to the carpet with a bed bug infestation they will re appear in a matter of days or weeks.

Yet another pest that loves to make a home out of carpet is the common flea. Any Floridan pet owner knows that there is an abundance of fleas in our warm sands. It only takes one time for your pet to roll in the sand and come inside for a flea infestation to take place. As with the bed bug and carpet beetle, fleas lay their eggs deep in your carpet, and they hatch quickly. A flea egg can hatch in as short a time as one to six days. A flea infestation can spread quickly and overtake your home in a brief period of time. It is imperative that you have your carpet deep cleaned after seeing the first few fleas in your home.

Complete Care Systems are trusted Land O Lakes carpet cleaning specialists who can get pests out of your carpet. Let us deep clean your carpets and rid your home of these invasive creatures. Call 727-364-5158 or fill out our free online contact form. We will contact you and set up an appointment to make sure your carpets are clean and bug free.