How To Get Your Home In Tip-Top Shape After Holiday Company Leaves

The holidays were busy!  Foot traffic picked up, out-of-town visitors came and left, and now it’s time to put your home back together.  In this post, we will share are to get your home in tip-top shape holiday company leaves.

Let’s Dive In

Tackle High Traffic Areas

> Concentrate on vacuuming weekly to remove debris and dirt that gets tracked into the house  

> Make your home a “no-shoe zone” to help minimize dirt

> Place doormats on both the inside and outside of every entryway to stop dirt from being tracked in

> Schedule a deep cleaning for your carpets and consider sealing your carpeting for further protection

Address Spots and Stains

> Blot with club soda and dab the stain to lift it from the fibers

> Never rub – rubbing can cause more damage

> If you cannot get the stain out, get your carpets professionally cleaned

> Avoid using carpet stain removers, they can add a film that causes dirt and grime to stick to the area making the stain look worse

Make Tile and Grout Sparkle

> Household cleaners have a hard time removing dirt, grime, and mold from tile and grout

> The best way to clean tile and grout is to have it professionally cleaned to power out dirt, grime, mold, and mildew

> To protect tile and grout, consider adding a sealant to protect against debris settling into porous tile and grout

Eradicate Dust Mites

> Dust mites love to settle into upholstery, drapes, and carpeting

> The more dust mites present, the more likely your allergies will kick up

> A deep clean can remove dust mites and other allergens hiding in the deep fibers of your carpeting and upholstery

> Keep up with weekly vacuuming to keep dust mites and allergens at bay

Freshen Up!

> Pet and cooking odors can leave your home smelling stale and stuffy

> A professional deep cleaning can instantly freshen up your home

> Consider deep cleaning the areas of your home that harbor the most odors like carpeting, upholstery, and drapes

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