Grout Cleaning New Port Richey

If you want to maintain gorgeous tile throughout your house, then you must keep your tile and grout properly cleaned. Although many homeowners attempt to clean their own tile and grout, they don’t understand the fundamentals of cleaning it in an effective and efficient manner. In some cases, DIY cleaning may even cause damage to your tile. Tile is expensive, and there’s a lot of false information out there when it comes to cleaning your own tile and grout. Since you are searching for grout cleaning New Port Richey, here are some of the top myths debunked to help you decide the best route to go to clean your tile and grout:

Myth: Cleaning With Acid Is Safe

When you think of acid, you probably think of a strong chemical that will break down just about anything. So, when you read the label of a cleaning solution that claims it is acid based, it may give off the impression that it is a very effective tile cleaner. While acid-based cleaners can remove dirt, grime, mold and mildew, they can also impose a negative impact on your tile. A strong concentration of an acid-based solution can not only damage tile and break down grout, but it can also emit vapors that are harmful to your health.

When in doubt, it’s best just to stay away from the acid cleaners. If you do choose to try one, make sure it is labeled for specific use on tile and grout. Also, make sure you read the instructions before mixing, because you do not want an overly concentrated acid-based solution.

Myth: Mopping Is All You Must Do To Keep Your Tile Clean

Your mother and your mother’s mother probably mopped their floors since the beginning of time, and they had the right idea. Mopping really is an effective method to clean the surface dirt and grime on your tile, but mopping is not able to reach all the bacteria that have settled over time.

Mopping is ideal for polishing your floors and removing visible dirt, but you must be careful. Not utilizing your mop correctly can make dirt and bacteria settle into the tile floors, resulting in dingy, stained floors. You should only mop after all dirt, mold, and mildew has been removed.

Myth: If You Have Sealed Grout, You Don’t Have To Clean It

After installing new tile, it is necessary to seal the grout. Sealing your grout helps ensure that the grout won’t absorb stains and helps protect from mold and mildew. Just because your grout is sealed, however, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need cleaning and maintenance. Normal wear and tear on your tile will eventually erode the sealer, but normal cleaning will help prolong the sealer as well as help protect your investment.

Myth: Soaking Your Tile Is The Best Cleaning Method

No, no, no. Soaking your tile in soapy water does not help your tile in any way. At the most, it may break down dirt and grime, but letting it soak and dry will leave sticky film on the top of your tile. Not only will you recognize that there is a sticky film as your feet stick to the floor while walking, but it will also end up attracting dirt in the future. If you do wash your floors with soapy water, be sure to let it sit for just a few minutes before rinsing and mopping dry.

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