Ceramic Tile! Why It’s A Florida Favorite!

Today we have SO many options when it comes to decorating our homes.  Flooring is one of the BIGGEST ways we can impact our home’s look, feel and sense of style!

CCS 7 30 15 CANVA-3It is not unusual for homes in Florida to be wall to wall tile.  In the summertime when temperatures are well above 90 degrees and the humidity is unbearable, we welcome the coolness of ceramic tile under our feet.  It also helps keep our homes cooler during the summer months.

Other reasons why we love tile in Florida is because it is:

  • Extremely durable!  No other flooring textile or material can match what ceramic tile can tolerate and maintain its appearance.  Tile flooring durability even includes scratches since many tile options are scratch resistant
  • Water resistant!  This feature makes tile a popular option in kitchens, bathrooms and pool bathrooms where water and other liquids are prevalent.  Ceramic tile does trap, collect moisture or sustain damage like other flooring options might
  • Easy to clean & keep clean!  Especially if you have glazed tile!  Glazed is resistant to stains, odors, dirt and grime.  There is no need for special cleansers either.  General household cleaners, a sponge or a mop will to the trick!
  • Cuts down on ALLERGENS!  That’s right!  There is nowhere for the allergens to hide and cause havoc.  Allergens are easily vacuumed up or banished with the swish of a mop!

CCS 9 30 15 CANVAWhen shopping for tile to use in your home there is some general knowledge you should know about tile before you buy.  These general pieces of information will help you purchase the ideal type of tile for your home.

Tile Finish Options –

There are three main finishes that you will be selecting from:

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • High gloss

To get an idea of how clean you tile will look based on the finish, imagine foot prints caused by shoes.  The higher the gloss level, the more pronounced the footprint.  It is common to find high gloss tile in rooms or areas that do not get a lot of heavy traffic like bathrooms.  A matte or satin finish may be more common in a front foyer or hallway.

Wear Rating –

Most manufacturers rank their tile using a P.E.I. rating with stands for Porcelain Enamel Institute.  There are 5 groups or ratings tile can fall into.

They are:

Rating 1:
Tiles are mainly used for residential/commercial walls and are not suitable or recommended for foot traffic

Rating 2:
This group of tile type is perfect for general light residential traffic, except kitchens, entrance halls, and other areas subjected to continuous foot traffic.

Rating 3:
Tiles are intended all residential and light commercial areas such as offices, reception areas and boutiques.

Rating 4:
This class of tiles is ideal for residential, medium commercial and light institutional venues such as restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies and corridors.

Rating 5:
Tiles suitable for heavy traffic both residential and heavy commercial applications such airports, malls and subways.

CCS Wed 9 2 15 CANVANow that you have a little background information on tile, it is time to get creative and begin designing!  Remember, tile is not just for floors anymore!  Today people use tile on walls, for backsplashes as accent pieces and more.  Gone are the days of squares placed on the floor.  Today you will see an array of designs and textures!  The possibilities are endless!  Not only do you have a wide variety of tiles to choose from but the grout that is laid between the tile is just as important.  Your options are endless here as well!

If you are ready for a change in your home but aren’t ready to change your tile, consider changing your tile’s grout color.  Complete Care Systems is expertly trained in this area and we can help you select and change the color of your grout.

Do you have questions about changing grout color or getting your tiles sparkling clean?  We can help!  Contact us today:  (727) 364-5158

Special DIY Tile Cleaning Recipe:


  • Combine 1/2 gallon white vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water
  • This is an excellent de-greaser.  For extra power, substitute 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol for the vinegar.

NOTE:  Acids such as vinegar can erode natural stone tiles.  Please do not use the above recipe on natural stone tiles.


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