Carpet Cleaning Trinity

Reclaim Your Trinity Carpets with Complete CareLiving in Florida can take a toll on your carpets!

Sand and Dirt can Lead to Discoloration and Fleas

Sand can build up in and under your carpets. A normal vacuum cleaner is not enough to remove all the grains that can become embedded in the carpet fibers.  With a buildup of sand comes an unwelcome visitor to your home, fleas. Once fleas become established in your home, it takes a professional exterminator to remove them. At Complete Care Systems, we clean your carpet and remove any fleas and their eggs at the start of the problem, before it gets out of control. Sand and soil can also build up on the surface of your carpet leaving a dark trail where most of the foot traffic occurs in your home. We can deep clean the carpet to remove any dirt that may be hidden within the fibers and make the carpet a uniform color again.

Carpet Cleaning Can Reduce Allergies

Another Issue for Trinity residents who own carpet are allergens. In Florida, we have a number of allergens that can find their way into carpet and wreak havoc with allergy sufferers. In hot weather pets shed more and can leave a large amount of hair depending on the breed of cat or dog. Pet dander easily becomes airborne and is inhaled into your respiratory system through the nose and mouth and can cause violent sneezing reactions in people with hay-fever.  Along with dander, another creature can take residence in your carpet and cause an outburst of sneezing. The dust mite thrives in uncleaned carpets and it loves to snack on pet dander and create the small feces that become airborne and are inhaled. Dust mites also feed on the dead skin of humans, so even if you don’t have pets they can become an issue in your carpet.  Don’t let your carpet become a repository for pet dander. Let us clean your carpet so that your pet’s hair and dander, plus those unseen dust mites are removed from your life.

Prevent or Treat Mold and Mildew

Another issue that can have an affect not only on allergy sufferers, but everyone in the household if carpets are not cleaned in the correct manner is excess moisture. This extra dampness can cause your carpet to have mold and mildew. A buildup of mold can make its way into the padding of your carpet and slowly destroy it while filling your home with a dank wet smell. This can be especially hard on allergy sufferers and those with asthma. We use a unique system that has a low moisture yield that will never leave your carpets musty and saturated. We can also remove mold from your carpets if you are in a damp environment or previous cleanings have caused the mold to form.

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