Carpet Cleaning Trinity Preserve

Living in Trinity Preserve gives residents the feel of both being in a suburban neighborhood while at the same time being surrounded by Florida Farmland. There is an unwelcome visitor to your homes; one that lives on the livestock and in the fields surrounding Trinity Preserve. Once fleas have invaded your carpet, you can’t be rid of them by using bug spray alone. Deep cleaning of the carpets is needed. Let Complete Care Systems clean your carpet. We will deep clean your carpet to remove fleas and their eggs from where they hide at the bottom of the carpet fibers.

Dust mites are another problem that may occur in your carpets. These microscopic creatures feast on dead skin and pet dander. A buildup over time can cause allergy sufferers in the house to become miserable. Constant sneezing and itching are associated with a dust mite infestation. When Complete Care Systems cleans your carpet, you can rest assured that this will be greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

Mold and mildew thrive in the saturated Florida air. Mold can spread across carpet in our damp air, discoloring it, and mold can turn into a toxic allergen and create a health risk. Mold spores released from the carpet can cause a series of negative reactions when ingested. Sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and skin rashes can all be caused by mold and mildew.  Those with asthma can have difficulty breathing when they inhale mold spores. This also applies to those with a compromised immune system and infants. At Complete Care Systems we know how many health issues are hidden in moldy and mildewed carpeting. In order to minimize dampness issues, we use a fast drying, low moisture solution to clean carpets. Once we have cleaned your carpet it will look good as new and the musty smell associated with mold and mildew will be gone.

Another issue in the humid climate of Trinity Preserve is bacteria. Carpets that have not been cleaned in years can contain thousands of organisms per square inch according to everyday health. Some of the bacteria is very harmful and is not normally associated with carpet. E-coli can thrive off of food particles in carpeting in kitchens and dining rooms, or anywhere else food is consumed in a house. In any room in the house staph bacteria can establish itself and prosper in carpet from spilled blood, to mucus from someone sneezing onto the carpet. In addition, there are numerous types of bacteria which can become a potential health risk to infants and toddlers who pick things up off the carpet and put them in their mouths. Bacteria thrives in our warm Florida weather, and it does not take much for a colony to start in your carpet. It is essential to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate bacteria.

Let us deep clean your carpets and make your home a healthier place. Call 727-364-5158 or fill out our free online contact form. We will contact you and set up an appointment to make sure your carpets are clean and bacteria free.