Carpet Cleaning Starkey Ranch

Many people who live in Starkey Ranch do so because of the feel of being in the Florida wilderness. The trees, wild grass, and sand all bring with it a host of unwelcome visitors into the homes in Starkey Ranch such as fleas. It’s well known that fleas lay their eggs not only on pets and furniture, but in sand. Your pet may roll in the warm Florida sand and then when it returns home, the fleas spread from its fur.  Once they start to reproduce, your carpet becomes a perfect environment for fleas to thrive. In order to get rid of fleas, spraying an insect killer alone is not enough. Carpets must be thoroughly deep cleaned to ensure no eggs remain. Once Complete Care Systems has cleaned your carpet, you can rest easy that no fleas will be left.

The other problem we constantly have to deal with in Florida is abundant humidity. It is a year-round issue that never stops. Higher humidity has an especially detrimental effect on carpet. The carpet fibers absorb moisture from the air and holds it. Once a fiber is saturated, the porous padding beneath the carpet wicks it out. The padding then becomes saturated, and the moisture held in by the carpet on top. Damp carpet padding then becomes an effective incubator for mold. It is important that mold be dealt with at once. Allergy and asthma sufferers are adversely affected by exposure to mold spores. Breathing becomes difficult and sneezing more frequent.   At Complete Care Systems, we make sure your carpets are deep cleaned to remove all mold from even the hardest areas to reach.

Another common problem in Florida is the presence of another creature in carpet and furniture. Dust mites are microscopic creatures not visible to the human eye. They feed on the dead skin from humans and dander from pets which flakes off into carpet. A buildup of these two substances allows a rapid increase of the dust mite population to occur. A revolting cycle occurs when dust mites are not dealt with promptly. The tiny beasts produce feces that becomes airborne and is ingested into the bronchi and lungs.   As with mold, the presence of dust mites greatly irritates allergy and asthma sufferers. Breathing problems are likely to follow an increase in dust mites. Thoroughly cleaning carpet will remove not only the dust mites, but their feces and eggs as well. It is often best that Complete Care Systems clean your carpet no less than once every six months to insure these allergens do not have time to grow to a significant level.

With years of experience deep cleaning carpets, Complete Care Systems is the smart choice in Starkey Ranch. We use a minimal moisture system which dries in about two hours, so no additional mold will grow due to a wet carpet. Please contact us at 727-364-5158 or fill out our online contact form. We will help you decide what type of cleaning is best for your carpet, so it looks like new and is allergen free.