Carpet Cleaning Pinellas County

Having carpeting in your home can beautify it and make it more welcoming, but in Pinellas County, carpet can be a repository for all sorts of unhealthy things. Living in Florida, we deal with higher heat and humidity than the rest of the country, which makes us susceptible to unique carpet problems.

Mold and mildew thrive in our damp, hot conditions. Not only can mold spread across carpet in a damp home discoloring it; mold can become a toxic allergen and health risk. Mold spores released from the carpet can cause a myriad of negative reactions when ingested. Sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and skin rashes can all be caused by mold and mildew.  Asthma sufferers can have increased breathing difficulty when they inhale mold spores. This is also true of someone with a compromised immune system and infants. We at Complete Care Systems know how many health issues lurk in moldy and mildewed carpeting. We only use a fast drying, low moisture solution to clean carpets. Once we have cleaned your carpet it will look clean and be rid of the musty smell associated with most types of mold and mildew.

Another issue in our humid Floridian environment is bacteria. Carpets that have not been cleaned in some time can contain up to two-hundred thousand organisms per square inch affecting everyday health. Some of the bacteria is quite dangerous and would not be the first thing people think of when it comes to carpet. E-coli can thrive off of tiny crumbs and food particles in carpeting located in kitchens and dining rooms. In any room of the house, staph bacteria (which range from mild to life threatening) can infiltrate and thrive in carpet from blood particles dripping from an injury or nose bleed, to mucous from someone sneezing and their projectiles being absorbed into the fibers. These are only two of the bacteria which can become a potential health risk to infants and toddlers who are apt to pick things up off the floor and insert them into their mouths. When we are done cleaning your carpet, the number of bacteria living in it will be greatly reduced.

If you have pets that go outside and later come inside, then you most likely have flea issues with your carpet. Fleas are stubborn creatures and are hard to rid from your carpet. Spraying an insect killer may prove to be ineffective in riding fleas, as they like to lay their eggs at the bottom of carpet fiber, where often bug sprays won’t reach. The most effective way to rid your carpet of fleas is by letting us deep clean your carpets, getting rid of both these tiny pests and their eggs.

We clean carpets in nearly every Pinellas County city including, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, St Petersburg, up and down the beaches, Tarpon Springs, Largo and many others.

Let us clean your carpets, which will extend the life of the carpet and make your home a healthier place by removing bacteria, mold and fleas from it. Call 727-364-5158 or fill out our free online contact form. We will contact you and set up a time to make sure your carpets are clean and your home healthy.