Carpet Cleaning Palm Harbor

Dirty Palm Harbor Carpet Prior to Complete Care Cleaning ItTwo things that carpet owners in Palm Harbor know, there is an abundance of sand around them and the weather is humid twelve months out of the year. Sand seems to be everywhere around Palm Harbor and it is constantly being tracked into homes. Sand can be tricky for carpet owners to deal with on their own. It is small enough that a buildup is not immediately apparent, however, sand does build up under carpets over time. With sand comes the tiny creatures that live in it, such as fleas. Fleas lay their eggs not only on pets and furniture, but in sand. Of course, if you are a pet owner you already know how easy it is for fleas to spread. Once they start to reproduce, your carpet becomes an ideal environment for fleas to thrive. In order to get rid of fleas, spraying an insect killer is not enough. Carpets must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no eggs remain. Once Complete Care Systems has cleaned your carpet, you can rest assured that no fleas will be present.

The other problem we constantly deal with in Florida is the high humidity. It is a year-round siege that never relents. Higher humidity has a particularly direct effect on carpet. The carpet fibers absorb moisture from the air and hold it, once a fiber becomes saturated the sponge like padding beneath the carpet wicks it out of the carpet. The padding then becomes saturated, and the moisture gets sealed in by the carpet. Damp carpet padding then becomes an incubator for mold. It is imperative that mold be dealt with swiftly. Allergy and asthma sufferers are adversely affected by exposure to mold spores. Breathing becomes harder and sneezing more frequent. At Complete Care Systems, we make sure your carpets are deep cleaned to remove all mold from even the most difficult areas to reach.

Clean Palm Harbor Carpet After Complete Care Cleaned ItAnother issue that many are unaware of is the presence of another creature in their carpet and furniture. Dust mites are tiny creatures not visible to the human eye without assistance. They feed on the dead skin from humans and dander from pets. A buildup of these two substances allows an explosion in the dust mite population to occur. The dust mites produce feces that becomes airborne and is ingested into the bronchi and lungs. Like mold, the presence of dust mites adversely affects allergy and asthma sufferers and breathing problems are sure to follow an increase in dust mites. Thoroughly cleaning your carpet will remove the dust mites, their feces and eggs. In order to ensure your carpet does not retain unwanted allergens, it must be thoroughly cleaned at least once every six months.

Complete Care Systems has years of experience deep cleaning carpets. We use a low moisture system which dries in about two hours, so no mold will grow due to a wet carpet. Please contact us at 727-364-5158 or fill out our online contact form. We will help you determine what is best for your carpet; we will have your carpet both clean and allergen free.