Carpet Cleaning Odessa

Homeowners living in Odessa know that the steamy Florida climate can create a number of problems in their carpet. The high humidity creates an incubator for mold and mildew in carpets. Not only will this cause a dark, dirty appearance on your carpet, it poses a serious health risk. According to WebMD, when someone comes into contact with mold spores originating from the carpet, reactions may result in sneezing, runny nose, and red-itchy eyes. Asthma sufferers may also experience breathing problems when inhaling mold spores. This is also potentially more of a risk for people who are fighting a terminal illness or have a compromised immune system. At Complete Care Systems, we know how potentially destructive humidity can be, which is why we use a low moisture cleaning system that is dry within a few hours. We also deodorize as we clean so that we can remove the musky smell that mildew produces.

In the months where it does not rain every afternoon in Florida, another issue may present itself, especially in homes where the pets go in and out as they please. Fleas are abundant in the sand in and around Odessa. Cats in particular love to roll in sand, picking up many of these parasites and their eggs. Once your pet has acted as transportation for the fleas to enter your home, they quickly spread to carpet. Spraying an insect killer to eliminate fleas is not enough on its own; these resourceful creatures will crawl to the bottom of the carpet and avoid being sprayed and lay eggs that will hatch days afterward. Deep cleaning of carpets is the only way to be sure they have been removed. Regular carpet cleaning is part of a regimen to rid a home of a flea infestation and ensure that they don’t return.

Another unwelcome visitor who may take up residence in your carpet is the dust mite. These microscopic creatures are nearly as bad for your health as mold and mildew.  While being somewhat gross, it is a fact that dust mites survive on dead skin. Over time, an abundance of dead skin can build up in carpets that are not frequently cleaned. The result is a corresponding abundance of dust mites deep in the carpet fibers. Equally as gross is the mechanism by which allergies and asthma are triggered by dust mites. After gorging themselves on dead skin in your carpet, they produce feces that are easily airborne. After breathing in the dust mite feces, you can have all the same problems as mold. Sneezing, itchy eyes, skin rashes, and breathing problems (in people with asthma) are common reactions to dust mite feces. Complete Care Systems will deep clean your carpet and remove the dead skin, dust mites and their waste.

Let us clean your carpets. Not only will we extend the life of the carpet, but make your home a healthier place by removing allergens and tiny insects from it. Call 727-364-5158 or fill out our free online contact form. We will contact you and set up a time to make sure your carpets are clean and your home healthy.