Back to School = Back To Clean

Now that the kids are back in school it’s time to get the house in tip-top shape!  Summer fun probably added some extra wear and tear on your home including spills, stains, stubborn dirt in high traffic areas, and maybe some odors you would love to get rid of!  Great news! Complete Care Systems can help you get your home back in order. Read on to find out how!


This is the number one room in the house for growing mold and mildew.  And…if you have a pool bath that was used often this summer, you can expect the opportunity for mold and mildew to be greater!  Household cleaners are good but, many times they are unable to reach and power out mold and mildew like our commercial equipment can.


Summer entertaining means your kitchen was the hub for all the tasty foods you were preparing and the occasional popsicle that fell on the floor.  Hard to remove grout stains can make your kitchen look worn, tired, and old. Complete Care Systems has the ability to deep clean grout to remove stubborn stains.  If you are looking for an update to your tile, ask us about grout recoloring. You will be amazed at the transformation of your tile!


Are you seeing more traffic patterns than the Veterans Expressway in your carpeting? Between the kids and pets, your carpet has seen a lot of mileage walk across it this summer.  Our technicians can extract, clean, and deodorize carpets, leaving your home looking and smelling fresh and clean. Did you know carpeting is your home’s biggest air filter? After we clean your carpets, things like allergens, dust mites, debris, and dirt will be gone leaving your family breathing easier!


Don’t overlook your furniture!  Your furniture is an air filter too!  You would be amazed at the odor, dirt, allergens, and dust mites your favorite couch or recliner is harboring!  


Hot summer nights and high humidity can do a number on your mattresses.  Did you know that we specialize in cleaning mattresses? Let us do a deep clean to help remove things like dust mites and allergens so you and your family can get a better night’s sleep!

Ready to get your home back in tip top shape?  Call us for an appointment today! We can be reached at:  727-364-5158