5 Tips to Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Their Best

We all love hardwood floors!  They add a certain warmth to our homes and because they are softer than other hard surfaces, they tend to be a little easier on our feet and backs.  Sometimes, our wood floors can really take a beating! High traffic areas that are subject to foot traffic, kids, and pets will need some extra TLC. This month’s blog post will provide you with 5 tips to help you keep your hardwood floors looking their best.


Vacuum Weekly:

Vacuuming on a regular basis is imperative to the life, luster, and beauty of your floors.  Cleaning up debris, sand, and dirt will help keep scratches and grime build up to a minimum.


Mop Regularly:

Just like vacuuming, mopping is important as it helps to remove residues left behind from things like hairsprays, furniture polish, perfumes, cleaning sprays, and more.  If residues are cleaned up, hardwood floors begin to lose their luster and shine making them appear dull, tired, and old.



Placing doormats on either side of entryways can help trap sand, dirt, and debris that can leave hardwood floors scratched and damaged.


Floor Waxes and Restoration Products:

Use these with caution.  Without knowing exactly what you are applying and how to apply waxes and restoration solutions to your floors, you may cause damage and experience build up, making your floors dull.


Professional Cleaning:

Typically household cleaners, tools, and vacuums aren’t able to deep clean as well as a professional technician can.  Getting your hardwood floors cleaned and finished by a professional can prolong the life your floors.


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