5 Surprising Things That Happen After You Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Everyone loves clean carpeting. It looks beautiful and let’s face it, people love to sink into carpeting that looks good, has some cushion, and smells great. But that’s not all a clean carpet gives you.  Keep reading for 5 surprising things that happen after you get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Reduction in Allergy Symptoms

Got allergies?  If you do, you know the feeling…burning itchy eyes, congestion, runny nose, sneezing – it’s not fun.  Does it seem like your allergies have gotten worse lately?  A deep clean of your carpeting might help!  When carpets are deep cleaned, allergens and other irritants are removed, making your household air easier to breathe!

Prevent and Control Mold, Viruses and Bacteria

It’s true!  Carpeting can harbor mold, viruses, and bacteria.  A professional deep cleaning can help eradicate them from your carpeting, keeping you and your whole family healthier.

Removes Toxins and Pollution in Your Home

If people enter your home with your shoes on, chances are, they are tracking in much more than dirt and sediment.  There are many contaminants found on the bottom of shoes including oils, lawn chemicals, insecticides, and many more.  A professional deep cleaning can help to remove anything left behind by your shoes on your carpets.

Prevents Dust Mite Infestation 

Dust mites.  They contribute to allergies and how clean the air in your home is.  Unfortunately dust mites are microscopic creatures.  The calling cards they leave behind are tiny allergen particles which cause you and your family to experience an increase in allergy symptoms. Steam carpet cleaning is a great way to tackle dust mites since they aren’t able to tolerate the high temperatures used in this carpet cleaning process.

Prolonged Carpet Life

When you have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you are prolonging the life of your carpeting.  When carpeting is not professionally cleaned, dirt and debris embedded in the carpet fibers begin to break down the carpet.  The combination of embedded dirt and debris in the carpet and the friction of footstep movement is a deadly combination for your carpeting.  Regular, professional cleaning helps to remove dirt and debris keeping carpet looking its best and protecting it from wear and tear. 

Bonus – It keeps your home smelling good!  

Who doesn’t want that?  Have you ever noticed that some houses have a distinct “smell.”  When you have your carpeting professionally cleaned on a regular basis, any odors absorbed in the carpeting are removed.  Many professional cleaning procedures can include a deodorizing step to help your carpets smell fresh and clean!

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