5 Spooky Secrets Your Carpet Is Keeping From You

Your carpet may look innocent from your vantage point but, do you know what’s hiding beneath the surface? Keep reading to learn the 5 spooky secrets your carpet is hiding from you!

Secret #1: Allergens

Fact: one in every 5 Americans suffers from allergies. If you are part of that group, the carpeting in your home could be contributing to your symptoms. Here’s why. Your carpeting (and upholstered furniture and drapes) trap allergens in the fibers acting as a giant air filter. If you notice that every time you come home you experience more allergy symptoms, it’s time to get your carpeting professionally cleaned. Once your carpets, draperies, and upholstered furniture is deep-cleaned, you will begin to breathe easier.

Secret #2: Mold

Living in Florida provides the perfect environment for mold to grow because it is rich in heat and humidity. If you suspect you have mold and/or mildew trapped in your carpet fibers, a professional cleaning will kill and remove mold spores living in your rugs.

Secret #3: Bacteria

Consider the traffic your carpeting experiences each day. Pets prancing through the house, kids playing, shoes traipsing across the room, not to mention spills and stains. Bacteria are sure to be a part of the mix. Once bacteria hits carpeting it attaches to the fibers and continues to grow and spread. Daily vacuum maintenance helps but a deep-down clean is what is truly needed to keep your family safe and healthy.

Secret #4: Dust Mites

Although you can’t see them with the naked eye, they are more than likely making a cozy home in your carpeting and their excrement is causing your family to suffer from allergic reactions and breathing problems like asthma.

Secret #5: Spiders!

Insects LOVE to hide and nest in carpeting and that includes spiders! They love to lounge on comfy carpet fibers and feast on skin flakes. A deep professional power cleaning will help to eradicate spiders and any eggs left behind.

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