5 Clean Home Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep

If you made a resolution for a cleaner home in 2021, we are going to help you keep it with 5 clean home resolutions that are easy to keep.

Let’s dive in!

Clear the Clutter on the Daily

The first step to keeping a clean home is to minimize clutter.  Clutter traps dust, dirt, and grime and makes your home look messier and dirtier than it actually is.  Select a room, cupboard, drawer, or closet and set a 10-minute timer.  Clear out as much clutter and non-essential items as possible.  Divide items into 3 piles:  toss, donate, put away into their proper home.  If you have a large clutter job to conquer, consider doing a clutter-sprint daily until all the clutter is gone.  

Make a No Shoes Rule

Shoes look innocent BUT they can track a lot of harmful things into your home including bacteria, viruses, dirt, and grime.  Start a “no shoes” rule in your home.  Encourage people to leave their shoes at the front door before walking through your home.  Not only will this cut down on germs entering your home but it will also save your carpets.  Shoes cause a lot of friction on carpet fibers which breaks them down, making them appear old and worn.

Give the Bathroom a Weekly Bath

Giving your bathroom a weekly cleaning can help maintain tile and stop mold and mildew growth.  Plus, weekly cleanings make it easier to clean versus trying to eradicate soap scum, mold, and mildew that has been allowed to build up over time. 

Daily Kitchen Shake Down

At the end of each day, give your kitchen a good wipe down, spraying down countertops, cleaning the kitchen sink and the cooktop.

Schedule A Deep Clean Every 6 Months

If there is one home cleaning resolution to stick to, it’s this one.  Here’s why…Daily vacuuming and weekly maintenance are good but, when you commit to scheduling a carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning every 6 months, you prolong the life of your carpet, furniture, tile, and grout.  The tools and cleaners used during a professional cleaning are designed to clean deeper – getting to dirt, grime, mold, and mildew that household cleaners cannot.

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