4 Things You Can Do To Freshen Up Your Home Before Holiday Company Arrives

And in a blink, 2020 is coming to an end!  Can you believe it?!?  Suddenly we are in the middle of the holidays, doing everything we can to get our homes ready to celebrate. Keep reading because, in this post, we are sharing 4 things you can do to freshen up your home before holiday company arrives.

Deep Clean

The best way to really freshen up a home is to give it a deep clean.  That means having both your carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned.  Professional services can extract dirt and grime that most household units and cleaners leave behind.  That includes things like germs, dust, dust mites, pet hair, and pet dander.  All of those things tend to leave behind an odor.  


We love our pets and we bet you do too!  But, there’s one thing that comes with pets…odor.  Pet odors get deep into your carpet or upholstery and sometimes a basic enzyme is just not going to work especially if you don’t know the exact spot where the smell is coming from. With Complete Care Systems odor solution, your odor problem will disappear – making your home fresh and clean for the holiday season.

Check Your Corners

Especially in bathrooms and the kitchen.  Corners and hard to reach areas can harbor germs, mold, mildew, grease, and grime.  We can help give your tiled areas a deep clean eradicating dirt and grime, leaving your home sparkling clean.


With the holidays upon us, the possibility (and probability) of spills, spots, and stains dramatically increase.  Consider protecting carpets and upholstery with Scotchgard.  If you have had your carpets and upholstery Scotchgarded in the past, it may be time to re-apply.  For best results, Scotchgard should be reapplied every six months.

What areas listed above do you need help with before holiday company comes to your home?  Call us to book your appointment today!  (727) 364-5158.